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Most of Google Search happen locally. Reach to your nearby customers with Local SEO.

Local Business SEO is quite important and it’s also something that’s often overlooked and not considered often. Compared to standard SEO campaigns, local SEO relies much more on links from other local websites that are really relevant to your business. It’s less about getting links from high authority websites and more about getting links from websites local to you that are talking about similar things to what you do.

Local SEO is a highly effective & Crucial form of local online marketing. It allows local businesses to promote their services and products to local customers at exactly the time they’re looking for your type of business. Local SEO uses search engines like Google and popular business directories to get it done.

59% of consumers use Google every month to find a reputable, local business.

Google and other search engines are paying more attention to the local searches. Thus, local business search results are considered to be more relevant for local searches. For example if you are searching something on google.co.in (Google India), Google also delivers results which are relevant to a specific location based on the IP address of the user who is searching. And if you are mentioning specific city or area while searching, Google will narrow down their search and will look for specific locations. Hence Local SEO is very crucial and important for your business.

Since Local SEO helps in driving targeted traffic, it provides excellent conversion rate. Because the person is often in the area of the business they are searching for, there is a higher chance that the person will contact your business. On an average, you can easily convert 1 out of 3 leads into your potential customers, thus providing 33% conversion rate.

How AdverticaPRO Implements Local SEO for your Business

The first and foremost thing we do is getting a Google Place listing. It includes listings of the physical address, phone number, and other related information of your Business. Your local listing is what will display on localized search engine results. It helps you to make your business to appear on Google Maps. The next import thing is to get listed in relevant local directories. These are also known as Business Citations. We Verify and make sure that most places online that quote your physical business information is the same as your Google Places listing. Your company NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) all need to be on the same page and in the same format as your local listing.

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